Serial MP3 player Module (and mini speaker)

MP3 player for micro:bit

China manufacturer

Product Description

The module is asimple MP3 player device which is based on a high-quality MP3 audio chip---YX5300. It can support 8k Hz ~ 48k Hz sampling frequency MP3 and WAV file formats.

There is a TF card socket on board, so you can plug the micro SD card that stores audio files. MCU can control the MP3 playback state by sending commands to the module via UART port, such as switch songs, change the volume and play mode and so on. You can also debug the module via USB to UARTmodule. 

SD card not included

Connect a speaker or headset to the audio jack to play a sound, any music, your voice, and more.


Micro:bit Extension

Extension name:  makerbit-mp3

The microSD card shall be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32. exFAT is not supported properly and shall be avoided.

To support all commands properly, the names of folders and files need to obey the following strict pattern:

  • Directory names are two-digit numbers, e.g. 01.
  • Track names within the directories shall start with a three digit numbers such as 001.mp3 or 002.wav

Up to 99 directories and 255 tracks per directory are supported.

MP3 player solution for micro:bit
HK$ 32.00

MP3 player only