Simple Servo Control Board for BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output



Product Description

Bring your imagination to life. Simple and uncluttered control of up to 3 servos with the Kitronik :CREATE Simple Servo Control Board for BBC micro:bit.

The Simple Servo Control Board offers a simple interface between the BBC micro:bit and up to 3 servos. The board features an edge connector for the micro:bit to slot into and in addition to the servo pin header connections, there are also 6 croc-clippable pads for adding additional devices.

The servo pin header connections are on a 0.1 inch (2.54mm) pitch and are labelled on the board as; Power, Ground and Signal. The 6 croc-clippable pads, at the bottom of the board, break out the P0, P1, P2 pins from the micro:bit. There are also pads for 3.3V and GND, with the final pad (Switch A) which allows for connecting an external switch.

HK$ 78.00