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The New Kind of Digital Musical Instrument for all abilities

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Skoog is...

A revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way you and your family enjoy, create and learn music. The Skoog is a powerful and fun music interface for iPad that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone, including those with disabilities.


Introduction to the wireless Skoog 2 (2 minutes)

What do you think of the NEW Skoog 2.0?  (3 minutes)

Play Skoog 

Skoog, how to play (40 seconds)

Skoog Jams Montage (1 minute)


System Requirements:
Bluetooth Low Energy. iOS 7 or 8. Mac OS X v10.6 or later 


    Designed for 

    Skoog is an uber-cool, app-ready, hands-on musical cube that brings your creativity to life.  Skoog sets the standard for tactile control and redefines the musical landscape for novices and experts alike. 

    • For aspiring musicians it is an easy to learn musical instrument that you can play within seconds.
    • For families it is a fun way to explore sound and music together with the kids and grandparents with no need to master complicated music theory or playing techniques.
    • For electronic musician it is a hackable, real-time, multi-parameterexpressive controller that can bring life to your compositions, live sets and synth jams. 
    • For educators  Skoog has a range of applications in Special Education and inclusive music provision. Designed with accessibility in mind, Skoog can be used by musicians of all abilities, making it the go-to instrument for music therapists and assistive technologists, too.

    There's nothing like Skoog out there. No other digital musical instrument or music software controller is this tactile, flexible or naturally expressive.


    Skoog is an instrument that is truly inclusive. For many people with disabilities one of the greatest barriers to making music is the dexterity required to play a more traditional musical instrument. Skoog removes that barrier. Since 2010 Skoog has been helping kids with disabilities find their inner musician. Watch the video to find out more.

    The video below featured the original Skoog.   Same and more functions available on the new Skoog 2.

    5 minutes walkthrough of Skoog's inclusive feature

    The Skoog in SEN Education (3 minutes)



    This is the control room for your Skoog. It’s all you need to connect, customise and play, has full MIDI support and is compatible with iOS 9 multitasking. The App supports our unique musicplay functionality. Integrating with your iTunes media library or music streaming service the App can automatically tune your Skoog so you can play along with the music you love.

    Available from the App store.

    11 minutes on setting up Skoog  

    1 minute intro to the Skoog App


    You should download NOISE by ROLI and if you can purchase GarageBand this is the best platform for composing and recording music on iPad and it provides access to over 100 instrument sounds as well as sampling smart drums and built in backing from the range of Smart instruments. 

    his book gives some great advice and support if you are new to GarageBand

    Noise by ROLI  is FREE and a really great expressive synth that really suits Skoog’s Squishyness and gives you an amazing library of sounds for your Skoog.


    Skoogmusic is the music-making platform on PC/Mac  for use with Skoog interfaces. Select from a range of instruments from clarinet to congas, voice to violin… even a space bass. Give a new twist to a hit song with Skoog Skores, or record and layer your own tracks. Skoogmusic is completely compatible with GarageBand and Logic so you can access an even bigger universe of instruments, sound effects and tools. It also supports MIDI on Windows via 3rd party routing software.

     See software tutorial 



    Skoog on PC/Mac:

    For a quick and easy way to get Skooging, check out the Top Tunes section of the official website: 

    Simply pick a song, set the Skoog to the key as indicated (

    Click the youtube link and play along! Please do have a look at the other tutorial videos for help using the software, sampling and midi for example:

    And do check out the free resources section too:


    See the FAQ


    45 minutes webinar:  getting to grips with Skoog, introducing some core concept about Skoog



    “The Skoog is an inspired and inspiring creation.” Erik Knussen, Development Officer ICT Music 

    “I have seen the potential of the Skoog to benefit students from every level of musical ability. The simplicity of the product makes it equally suitable for advanced musicians or beginners.” ADE Greg Alchin

    “We love the Skoog here at Hackney Learning Trust and would fully support any effort to make the product more affordable, to improve access for young people and help them to become immersed in creative music and music therapy.” ADE Aaron Webb

    "Ideal for children or those unable to play normal musical instruments, the Skoog lets you make music by prodding, twisting and thwacking. It’s wipe clean, too.” T3 

    “A fun and tactile addition to any studio, classroom or home tech collection.” Stuff 

     " of the most exciting technological developments for disabled children and adults of any age, for some time.” Petrina Lodge, SCOPE

    “The Skoog is a brilliant musical instrument. It's fun to play, looks and feels great and is really appealing to children and young people." Drake Music Southwest 

    Skoog Awards:

    HK$ 1,900.00