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Create Audio Stories, Explore Creative Sound Making 

Soundtrap for Education is an online audio recording studio that works across all operating systems. 

Soundtrap is learning for today. It’s an online learning tool that enables teachers to follow the STEAM curriculum through music and podcasts. It fosters a collaborative environment where students develop their creative and communication skills. From primary school to university, Soundtrap’s simple interface is designed to suit students of all levels in any musical classroom. It has a huge collection of loops and software instruments that can support even professionals. You and your students can record songs directly with the computer microphone or plug in an instrument. Soundtrap works on any device, wherever you are. All projects are saved in the cloud, which means you can access them anywhere. It is tailored to suit BYOD schools and makes life easier for administrators because of its multi-platform capability. Managing projects has never been so easy. Soundtrap for Education is collaborative. Students can collaborate on projects together via video and chat within Soundtrap.


Students and teachers can collaborate in a safe, online environment - anytime, anyplace.

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Your everywhere studio!
Soundtrap supports music-making, podcasting, and audio recordings.



What?  Soundtrap is the first cloud-based audio and music recording studio to work across all operating systems. It’s like Garageband and Google Docs had a baby.

Why?  To support creativity of every student.

Who?   Soundtrap can be used by students of all ages and abilities!  Fantastic works is created by our youngest learners and our college students alike.

When?   Soundtrap is accessible from phones, tablets, or a computer.  Login anytime to complete a music assignment, create a family podcast, record a ringtone, etc.

Where?  Soundtrap has users in 200+ countries


"Soundtrap's powerful capabilities easily supports sharing student voice through creating and collaborating in our ever-changing world" - Patrick Donovan, Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer






Soundtrap for Education users also have access to:

    • Unlimited projects
    • 800+ instruments and sounds
    • 15,000+ loops, sound effects & presets
    • 1,000+ sound effects from
    • Antares Auto-Tune®
    • Time Restore
    • Automation
    • Interactive transcription


Soundtrap for Education is integrated with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology, MusicFirst, Noteflight, and Projects and assessments are easy to monitor and evaluate. Soundtrap is responsive and excited to grow with educators and students in the future-ready classroom.



Learn to use Soundtrap to the fullest,
empower your students, and become a Certified Soundtrap Educator




Soundtrap for Education offers a robust resource portal. The portal has a robust library of lesson plans, tutorial videos, and external curricula resources that support teaching and learning with Soundtrap.



Visit the Soundtrap for Education help site

12 months subscription
HK$ 1,992.00

50 users