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Product Description

Phonics assessment designed to inform instruction   

Star Phonics  provides a direct measure of phonics skills by screening the 12 most common phonics categories and providing the option to diagnose 102 specific phonics skills. The data from Star Phonics helps teachers identify whether a student has deficits in phonics and more importantly where the deficits are. As a result, teachers save time, by focusing on the specific phonics skills students need to become proficient readers

 Star Phonics is reliable, valid, and extremely efficient.  


Meet Star Phonics





Start Phonics is the only technology-based online assessment that includes 12 of the most common phonics catagories:

Star Phonics assesses 12 of the most critical phonics categories with diagnostics covering 102 specific phonics skills. The Screening component has three forms, one for each screening period (fall, winter, spring). Each screening form includes 36 nonsense words3, three words from each of the 12 categories. There are 12 separate diagnostic assessments, one for each of the 12 phonics categories included on the screener.  



Expore what makes Star Phonics so effective

  • Focused: Assesses the 12 most critical phonics categories with error-level analysis to ensure students have mastered phonics patterns they’ll need and use the most.
  • Efficient: With intuitive administration on any device, teachers can complete screening in 2–5 minutes per student and get instant insights—with no need for manual data entry.
  • Aligned: Track student learning and grade-level instruction with reports customized to align with the scope and sequence of your phonics curriculum.
  • Instructional: Immediate, easy-to-read reports provide skill-level insights, patterns of error, and instructional focus that teachers and specialists can use to personalize instruction for students.
  • Precise: Class, student, and grade-level reports help educators identify which skills to target with an entire grade level, whole class, small groups, and individual students.