Storage and transport case for Training Factory Model




Product Description

For safe storage and transportation of factory models

  • A practical custom case for safe storage and transport of fischertechnik factory models
  • Insert once - done! The lower part of the factory is fully functional, only the hood has to be moved.
  • Inside lined with soft foam padding
  • 3 inside zipper pockets for stowing accessories
  • 4 tiltable carrying handles and 4 tension locks for easy operation

A customised case for safe storage and transport of fischertechnikfactory models, which is precisely matched to their dimensions. This makes it ideal for users, who regularly take the factory modelswith them at trade fairs, want to show them to their customers and colleagues for demonstrations on the site or are looking forprotection to cover and store these models. The practical transport option works in the following manner: The factory model is placed once in the lower part of the case (height:30 mm). Only the upper hood (height: 340 mm) is removed or puton. The factory model itself then no longer needs to be moved andis also fully functional in the lower part.


Aluminium case-maker profile with plastic plates and steel ballcorners as well as 4 steel tilt handles and angle protection corners.The upper part (case hood) is partially lined with soft foam blocks indifferent heights and has 3 internal zipper pockets for stowingcables and accessories. The lower part is lined with hard foam.



1190 x 790 x 370 mm

HK$ 11,083.00