Straight Picture Code Cards (New Edition)




Product Description

172 cards. New Edition for 2021, over 70 additional cards!      

This set of 172 educational flashcards features all the major spelling patterns of the English language. The double sided flashcards show the Letterland characters on one side, and plain letters on the reverse.

There are also quick reminders of the Letterland spelling stories as well as sample words to demonstrate the sound or spelling pattern. The pack includes aA-zZ lower and uppercase cards, digraphs, trigraphs and advanced spelling patterns. Designed for whole whole class or group work in developing awareness of sounds as well as word building on a board or in a pocket chart.


78 cards have been added to this NEW Edition, making it even more useful in the classroom.

Uppercase letter cards A-Z have been included, as well as more advanced spelling patterns such as:

  • ge
  • cy
  • kn
  • tion
  • ture.

The contents is now almost identical to that of the Letter Sounds Cards, with the exception of the punctuation cards.



Updated Card Order

The order and numbering of the cards has been updated to include all new additions. Cards are listed alphabetically (narrow cards in aA-zZ order, followed by wide cards in a-z order).


Contents Cards

We have added Contents Cards to the front of the pack for quick and easy reference. All cards are listed in numerical order and include an example ‘As in...’ word.


Picture Code Cards - Straight New Edition are compatible with the following Letterland ranges:

  • Early Years
  • Primary
  • Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) Level 1, 2 and 3


HK$ 370.00