ThingLink Premium for Education

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Product Description

Create unique experiences with narrated interactive 360° media, images & videos  


Pairing Virtual Reality with Real Life Experiences

ThingLink’s growing collection of 360 stories lets learners of any country and age experience places and phenomena with the help of a virtual learning assistant.

For creation, students can use ThingLink's 360 image editor to easily make virtual tours or 360 documentaries with audio narration, images, videos, and quizzes, engaging students like never before.

Creating narrated interactive 360 video (3 mins)


Turn any image or video into a learning experience

ThingLink’s image interaction technology helps students become fluent in using digital media to express themselves and demonstrate their learning.

With ThingLink, teachers and students can easily create interactive infographics, maps, drawings, and engaging 360 documentaries in a classroom setting, at home, or on field trips.

Introducing Thinglink ( 8 minutes)




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1 year subscription
HK$ 8,000.00

Primary School access