Tricky Laying Game

Educational Wooden Toys



Product Description

This Tricky Laying Game promotes many learning functions, such as

  • visual perception
  • spatial perception
  • comprehension of subsets
  • development of set concepts
  • encourage concentration and perseverance

While playing this game, the children are introduced to fundamental mathematical concepts that they will need in the future.

Suitable for single or group play.

The game contains a detailed playing instruction with

  • playing suggestions
  • additional tasks
  • master copies

The Playing Instruction Booklet detailed the different ways of playing the game. They include:

1. Spotting the number of points actually thrown with the wild dice

With the help of small balls and a special board, the children learn how to instantly recognize sets while playing the game.

2. Determine which wooden piece has to be placed into the frame by the number of points thrown.

Little by little the board is filled. Now it is getting really tricky because the right position has to be found for each piece and no gaps should be between them in the end. 

HK$ 846.00