Trugs Check 0




Trugs Check 0
Product Description

New Trugs Check decks to help ASSESS progress at the end of each trugs Box.

Each deck (TC0/TC1/TC2 & TC3) is designed to ‘Check’ a student’s decoding skills at the end of each trugs Box. This then assesses if they are ready to move on to the next trugs Box, or in the case of TC3 it is used to demonstrate their high level of reading skills.

Focus of Trugs Check Stage 0:

To practice, reinforce and consolidate all the letter sounds of the alphabet..

Each box contains:

  • 72 card games called ‘Beat it’.
  • 1 Instructions Leaflet

Within each of the decks is a NEW trugs game called ‘Beat it’.  The game is simple to play and similar to beggar-my-neighbour. It has been trialled by Primary and Secondary age students, who all seem to love it! 

HK$ 99.00