Trugs for School Box 3



Product Description

A high-quality systematic synthetic phonics reading resource for students of all ages – that works by playing decodable card games

Progress with reading is inevitable; the learner picks up the phonic patterns easily and then reinforces them every time they play the games, over and over again.

Approved by the DfE for the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 match-funding scheme.

Play the games at each of the 5 stages in each box. 

The synthetic phonics structure has been put into 15 stages. Each stage builds on the one before, making it easy to follow.


Each box contains:

  • 504 cards making 20 Card Games
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Story Booklet
  • 1 Pupil Record for APP



Box 1 - Third stages of phonics 


Word examples

Stage 11 -  Soft C sound, ‘c’ as in /s/


city, lucid, sincerely

Stage 12 - Soft G sound ‘g’ as in /j/

hedge, rage, gigantic

Stage 13 - consonant-le

puddle, triangle

Stage 14 - four syllable words


Stage 15 - suffixes with ‘ti’ ‘ci’ ‘si’




    'Get it', 'Match it' and 'Take it' card games enable students and children to practise, reinforce and consolidate reading.

    'Use it' card game develops sentence construction and increases vocabulary knowledge.

    Explanation Card explains what each Stage is and how to teach that stage.

    Story Booklet with ten stories to encourage whole-text reading.

    Monitoring Booklet to track and assess individual student progress.

    Learning of reading thus become very easy as the structure has been put together by a phonics specialist


    HK$ 980.00