Unimat ML Design and Technology (4 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools



Product Description

The lab for introduction to engineering

Including comprehensive training books and spares.

All machines of the Unimat ML Design & Technology kit are child-friendly. The ML design makes the machine variants suitable for intensive usage (e.g. in science centres, hands-on museums etc).   


The cool tool Education - Desgin & Technology Set from The Cool Tool on Vimeo.



Included in the kit are the components for a jigsaw, for variations of wood turning machines (incl 3-jaw chuck), for a hand held sander or a stationary sander and for a hand held drilling machine.

Due to the short stroke of the jigsaw blade, the fingers of a young carpenter cannot be injured. The precise metal guide with the sanded steel tappet guides the saw blades exactly and therefore allows for a professional and clean cuts in various materials. Plywood, solid wood (up to 7mm), balsa (up to 20mm), plastics and soft metal sheets.

No annoying opening and clamping of the jigsaw blade when cutting windows and holes. Alternatively 2 different blade dimensions can be used.

With distance between centers of 140mm and up to 50mm diameter this machine offers a wide range of possible applications. Round materials can be chucked easily with the included 3-jaw chuck. Ideal for the material packs salt/pepper shaker, egg-cup etc.

The machines can be applied in school versatilely. In addition we offer comprehensively documented projects like wooden pens, salt and pepper shakers or egg cups. Furthermore lesson plans with theory-exercises those impart knowledge about machines and techniques are available.  


Woodurning Machine

Handheld Drill 手鑽/


Handheld Drill: For drilling and milling bits with shank diameters 1 to 6 mm.


Handheld Sander: With a 50 mm sanding disk also suitable for places hard to reach.


Incl. safety adaptor 12V/100-240V, 3-jaw chuck, rotating centre, steel face plate with sanding disc, 145 mm adjustable woodworking support ML with metal tool rest, ML jig-saw with ML jig-saw table, prof. safety glasses, 10 saw blades, 3 saw blades medium, wooden base-board with slide stops and 2 micro clamps, chisel, tools etc. All packed in Storage box 1, didactical documentation. 



Core curriculum primary school, levels 1-4, Art, Handicrafts, Textile Crafts, Hessen, Germany, p 22 ff.:
„The Subject Crafting integrates a wide range of subject areas for the active handling of materials like clay, wood, metal, stone, acrylics, etc. … Systematic training of processes – including the utilization of suitable tools – enables methodical working so that individual results with or without functional character emerge.“

Core curriculum "Economy, Work, Engineering" levels 5-10 engineering. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. p 18.:
 "Engineering is always connected with the aspect of realization. Therefore it describes the path from planning to execution or processing, from the idea or invention/reinvention to the work piece or process. The active utilization of various materials, tools and machines gives the opportunity to initiate others than purely cognitive learning processes by practical learning.“



The UNIMAT MetalLine (ML) excels in model making, technical education, as well as in industrial use with features like:

  •  enhanced stability and precision of the entire system
  • modular structure and easy handling
  • lowest tolerances due to precisely fitting bearing seats
  • true-running accuracy through dust protected industrial ball bearings
  • re-adjustable backlash and adjustable dovetail guides
  • flat milled, grinded and matched components
  • increased wall thickness of the profiles (torsion resistant and stable)
  • metal zero-adjustable hand wheels (0.05mm scale)



HK$ 4,950.00