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This general-purpose Temperature sensor is the most commonly used sensor in the range and that's why we include it as part of the Vu+ data logging pack. It can accurately measure the temperature and heat of air, water, soil and weak acidic solutions.

Note: Vu+ data logger required.



A Versatile Sensor

Take a look at just some of the investigations you can do with a Vu Temperature Sensor.

  • Exploring e.g. How to decide when it is hot or when it is cold? How warm is our classroom?
  • Recording e.g. The temperature game.
  • Investigating e.g. What happens when I am not here? How does heat move around? How does temperature change as you heat water? How heat changes against time? When materials combine, there will be a reaction.
  • Insulation investigations e.g. Heat gain and loss.
  • Changing of state e.g. Freezing and melting of water.
  • Earth, Sun and Moon e.g. Seasons.
  • Environment: e.g. Bug Alert. Why is it different over here? Habitats. Pond and river studies.
  • Solar energy.
  • Monitoring using 2 Temperature sensors e.g. What shall I wear today? Keeping warm. Where is it cold and hot? Decay. Are your hands warmer than mine? Goldilocks. Hot drinks. Too hot!



Ranges Celsius, Fahrenheit or Heat
Celsius -30 to +110°C, 0 to 110°C, 0 to 50°C
Fahrenheit -22 to 230°F, 0 to 232°F, 0 to 120°F
Heat --2.50 to 9.00 J



Download Vu Temperature Manual | Version: 2

HK$ 147.00