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Product Description

A 500 turn wire coil with built-in interface suppressor. 


28 -sec  Change in magnetic field and induced current


When used in an electromagnetic induction investigation, the best results will be obtained by using either the ±100mA Current or ±1V Voltage sensors.


  • Faraday's law of induced emf
  • Magnetic fields
  • Helmholtz coil (requires 2 coils)


Download Wire Coil Manual 



1x Wire Coil
1x Magnet

Wire Coil 

  • Built in interface suppressor
  • Internal diameter: 105 mm, External diameter: 138 mm, Height: 29 mm
  • 500 turns of insulated copper wire
  • Coil Resistance: approx 37?

Support Rod
Ferrite magnet


HK$ 630.00