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Product Description


The Charge sensor can be used in many electrostatic experiments to measure the charge on a source when it’s very small.  It can replace a traditional gold leaf electroscope by showing not only the charge polarity (positive or negative) but also the quantity of charge.

In addition the sensor can function as a high-resistance accurate voltmeter to measure the potential difference between two points.  


Bluetooth | USB | Huge Battery Life | Independent Logging     




Here are just a few example practical ideas you can achieve by using the Wireless Charge Sensor.

  • Magnitude and sign of the charge on different objects
  • Electrostatic phenomena
  • Simple demonstrations of sign of charge
  • Charge sharing between conductors
  • Faraday’s ice pail investigations
  • Electrostatic shielding
  • Induced charge
  • Charging by induction
  • Density of charge on the surface of a conductor
  • Investigating the relationship ‘Voltage is proportional to the charge on an object’ by adding charges
  • Discharge of a capacitor
  • Use as a high impedance voltmeter e.g. measuring the voltage of chemical half cells
  • Measuring the emf of cells



Charge Range: ±165nC, Resolution 0.001nC
Voltage Range: ±5V, Resolution 0.0001V
Input Impedance: > 1 x1012 Ohm



Seriously Smart Wireless Bluetooth Sensors

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A new Smart Wireless range of science sensors that also function as data loggers in their own right using Bluetooth or USB connectivity. The new Bluetooth wireless sensors include a huge battery life and can be mixed & matched with existing SmartQ Sensors & Data Loggers!

Works with SmartQ

Our wireless sensors can be used in combination with other Smart Wireless Sensors or data loggers in the EasySense range, even more amazingly is that with the addition of a V-Hub sensor link you can continue to enjoy using your existing SmartQ sensors at the same time!

The Power of Smart Wireless

Our Smart Wireless sensors build on the design of our legendary intelligent SmartQ Sensors but adds Bluetooth wireless connectivity allowing users to connect to tablets and mobile phones using the new EasySense2 Software. 

Digital Technology
Our digital sensor technology brings science to the classroom providing you with a robust, accurate and repeatable teaching experience from the start.


Auto Calibration
We have taken the hassle out of setting up your experiments with our pre-calibrated, auto identify sensor technology, every sensor is ready to use out of the box.


USB Charging
Our Smart Wireless sensors are powered by an internal battery and can be charged via a standard USB charger.


Designed for Mobile
With the included Bluetooth connectivity the new Smart Wireless Sensors can connect to Tablets, Mobile Phones, Laptops and Desktop Computers


Smart Connectivity

Not only do the Smart Wireless Sensors connect to multiple tablets and mobile devices via Bluetooth but they can also connect directly to a desktop computer and be used just like a traditional data logger whilst offering faster data transfer rates.

HK$ 1,617.00