Wireless Dynamic System

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Product Description

hysics ready out of the box 

The dynamics system is ready to start using within minutes of setting up! Here are few example experiments you can achieve by using the Wireless Dynamics System.

Motion – Time, Velocity, Acceleration, & Friction using Light Gates
Newton's 2nd Law with Light Gates
Collisions - Using a Force Sensor and a Light Gate to investigate crumple zones
Impulse using Light Gates and a Force Sensor
Atwood's Machine with Light Gates and a Spoked Pulley



The New Dynamics Track 

The new wider dynamics track is 1.2 meters in length and constructed from extruded aluminium providing a flat smooth base for the low friction carts to operate on. The track also features an integral precision ruler for accurate results. A retort stand can be attached to convert the track to an inclined plane.



The Wireless Smart Carts 

The new wireless smart carts are Bluetooth enabled with built-in, spring loaded, 3 stop plunger to provide a graded set of constant force. You can also load the carts with the supplied stackable masses or attach magnets.

Cart Features:

  • Force sensor +/- 100N
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer +/- 2000dps
  • Optical Encoder on the wheel to 0.1mm
  • 3 position plunger


Track & Cart Accessories

The Dynamics System is supplied with 2 end stops that house two magnets and connections to attach & line feed the included Spoked Pulley accessory. The pack also includes 2 height and slide adjustable feet, and an interrupt card.



Track Length 120 cm
Cart Type Bluetooth Wireless
Cart Specification Force sensor +/- 100N, 3 Axis Accelerometer +/- 2000dps, Optical Encoder on the wheel to 0.1mm, 3 position plunger
HK$ 6,696.00