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Create better lessons quicker. Interactives and printables

Wordwall can be used to create both interactive and printable activities. Most of our templates, like Quiz and Match up, are available in both an interactive and a printable version.

Interactives are played on any web-enabled device, like a computer, tablet, phone or interactive whiteboard. They can be played individually by students, or be teacher-led with students taking turns at the front of the class.

Printables can printed out directly or downloaded as a PDF file. They can be used as a companion to the interactive or as stand-alone activities.

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Activities example - Brainstorm, Random Wheel, Spider Diagram

There are currently 38 templates and over 100 types of games and activities, with every one of them fully customisable with your own content.  It's optimised for use with touch screens and interactive whiteboards.  Wordwall RespondAnywhere allows you to run the Wordwall audience response app on any HTML5 compatible device, including Windows, Macs, Linux, iOS and Android; it works across desktops, tablets and phones.

This product offers a way for schools whom have fixed PC computer rooms, iPad class sets or bring-your-own-device policies, to utilize that existing hardware.

See full tutorial here

  • Step 1 - Pick a template  In the first screen you choose your activity template. This decides the overall style of activity you will make. The options include Quiz, Match-up, Seating-plan and many more.
  • Step 2 - Enter your content  Once you’ve chosen a template, you need to enter your content. This means typing, pasting or searching for the text and image content of your activity. This might be a simple as a list of keywords and a few images.
  • Step 3 - Choose a game  Your activity is only one click away now. But if you want to, you can adjust the game rules and options to suit your target audience.   You can also change the visual theme giving it a completely new look with a single click.
  • Step 4 - Play the game  Once your audience is ready, click play Wordwall to enter full screen mode. This features state-of-the-art graphics and sound. In this mode, you and your audience can interact with the activity to control the outcome.
  • Step 5 - Review   Once the activity is over you can return to the main screen to review what happened. From here you can export results, share with colleagues or springboard into a completely new activity using the outcomes you’ve just collected.
1 year school subscription
HK$ 12,000.00