Yoga for Kids - Yobee




Product Description

Yobee teaches children how to keep their bodies healthy and flexible in a fun way.

The Yobee game also improves motor skills and concentration.

With the exercise cards, the game offers a wide variety of movement and relaxation exercises to increase children's body awareness.

The exercises in the pack help to

  • strengthen willpower and improve balance
  • increase spinal flexibility
  • stretch and extend the whole body.
  • strengthen and relax the children's muscles

Game idea: Ilona Holterdorf

Age: 4 +

Number of players: 2 or more (group play)

Each pack is supplied in printed box with

  • 58 cards (29 pairs)
    • 29 Little Yobi exercise cards
    • 29 matching picture cards
  • Full game and exercise instructions

Size of cards: 8 x 8cm


The Yobee cards depict different yoga poses and the animal/plant cards to match the poses.

By matching the picture cards to the yoga exercises, the players learn to memorize the yoga poses through visual association

Variation: The player who picks a pair has to try and do the exercise shown on the card.


HK$ 168.00