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The Story of BrainPOP (How it all begins..)

Aligning BrainPOP: Find matching resource for HK Secondary English Language curriculum.  Example - "Teen life"  chapter of an English Textbook, Sec 1.  

Link to the searchable database, bringing you directly to the topic movies, teaching resources, etc.

Aligning BrainPOP ELL with HK English curriculum (Primary 1 - 6)

Link to the searching database, which brings you to the movies and teaching resources based on your choice



Through short, information packed "topic movies"   

Our animated movies engage learners via narrative, humor, and characters who speak in a voice kids can relate to, encouraging self-directed learning and further exploration of the world around them.   


90 lessons covering:  

  • Level 1:   Pronouns and Be,  Present Progressive, Nouns & Articles,  Present Simple, Past Simple
  • Level 2:   Phrasal Verbs, Modals, Future Tense, Adverbs,  Adjectives 
  • Level 3:   Passive voice, Affixes, Perfect Tense, Gerunds, Infinitives, Conditionals, Reported Speech 

>>visit training/explanation video page, covering:

  1. BrainPOP Overview 
  2. Make the most of BrainPOP 
  3. MyBrainPOP and differentiation
  1. BrainPOP How to
  2. BrainPOP Creative Coding
  3. BrainPOP Games

>>前往BrainPOP廣東話版培訓影片 (Chinese training video)

  1. BrainPOP設定
  2. 用BrainPOP創作
  1. BrainPOP影片廣東話導讀
  2. BrainPOP Jr. 影片廣東話導讀
  3. BrainPOP ELL 影片廣東話導讀


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