Zumi Activity Cards

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Product Description

A set of 20 unique activities that will put your programming skills to the test to accomplish various challenges. The front gives you an overview of the challenge with a beautifully illustrated cover, and the back covers the details of the challenge.

You'll turn Zumi into an instrument, learn how to use her gyrometer as an hourglass timer, learn how to parallel park in the busy city, navigate with speed limits, and more. Some cards include a bonus challenge for those that want to really test your skills. These are great for extension activities in the classroom, or as a challenge for individuals.

  • 20 unique programming activities
  • Beautifully illustrated covers by Robolink's very own team
  • Glossy UV-coated cards for better durability 
  • Great as an add-on to a Zumi classroom set

Cards topics

  1. Lombard Street (drive)
  2. Calculate Speed (drive)
  3. Alphabet Soup (drive)
  4. Zumi Piano (IR)
  5. Force Drive (IR)
  6. Packing Permit (drive)
  7. Zumi Tilt (gyro)
  8. Speed Limit (drive)
  9. Zumi Compass (drive)
  10. The Road is Lava! (drive)
  1. Starry Night (drive)
  2. Draw Within the Lines (IR)
  3. Opposite Day (Drive)
  4. Backward Remote Control (drive)
  5. Zumi Circle (drive)
  6. Zumi Goes to the Market (drive)
  7. Reserve Parking with Hazard Lights (IR)
  8. Hourglass Timer (Gyro)
  9. S-Shape and Cone Weaving (gyro)
  10. Low fuel (drive)
HK$ 200.00