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Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 514.00
Bittle Robot Dog (Yellow + Black)

AI-ready Robot Dog


Petoi Bittle is a small but agile and...

HK$ 3,290.00
Carbon Dioxide Sensor

datalogging sensors


The sensor is designed and optimised to measure...

HK$ 3,058.00
Class Set Gears

STEM lessons and models pack


16 sets (15 models): 30 pupils 1 teacher....

HK$ 3,808.00
Corgi Intelligent Quadruped Bionic Robot Dog (ESP32 ,12 DOF)

AI mechanical pet dog: XR robot dog is...

HK$ 3,830.00
Electric Paint (1 L)

Conductive Paint


Print large-scale sensors with paint. Paint or print...

HK$ 3,253.00
fischertechnik BBC micro:bit + STEM II 智能家居遊樂場 老師培訓課程

Training course

Fast track your micro:bit + fischertechnik teaching in...

HK$ 3,600.00
Gratnells micro:bit SmartCase Storage Cart

Classroom Storage


Trolley + 6 cases to hold 144 micro:bit...

HK$ 3,950.00
Kitronik Lesson in a Box ™ Visual Computing Pack for micro:bit

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


Designed by Teacher's and tested by Pupil's to...

HK$ 3,999.00
Lesson in a Box Simple Robotics Kit (11 sets + lesson materials)

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


The Lesson in a Box (Simple Robotics) is...

HK$ 3,999.00
Mobile Cart with Flip out bins - single sided (60 bins)

Classroom Storage


Ideal storage for the micro:bit, fischertechnik building blocks, and many...

HK$ 3,980.00
ORT TreeTops inFact: Oxford Levels 16/17



6 intriguing, engaging non-fiction books at Levels 16-17...

HK$ 546.00
Punching machine with conveyor belt, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Simulation of transport and machining of workpieces  ...

HK$ 3,033.00
Robo Wunderkind Teacher Training Course 老師培訓課程 (3 hrs)

Training and Resource Package

Very easy coding, in a creative way for...

HK$ 3,600.00
SAM Labs Learn to Code with Micro:bit course Teacher Training Course 老師培訓課程 (3 hrs)

Training course

Teach coding & computer science with the SAM...

HK$ 3,600.00
SAM Labs STEAM course Teacher Training Course 老師培訓課程 (3 hrs)

Training course

Teach science & computational thinking.     Get hands-on...

HK$ 3,600.00
SAM Labs teacher training 老師培訓課程 (3 hrs)

Training and Resource Package

Explore quickly how SAM Labs can bring STEM...

HK$ 3,600.00
SmartMicroscope iGo2

iPad Microscope

Connect 3 iPad/Android to view HD images and video. ...

HK$ 3,490.00
Soundtrap for Education (by Spotify)

Software Online Subscription

Create Audio Stories, Explore Creative Sound Making  Soundtrap...

HK$ 1,992.00
Symbaloo Pro for School (online workspace and learning path)

Software Online Subscription

Manage the digital resources distribution within your school. Organized...

HK$ 400.00
V-Log8 USB+ Bluetooth



A low cost 8 channel remote data logger with 4...

HK$ 3,285.00
Wireless Carbon Dioxide Sensor

wireless datalogging sensors


  The Wireless Smart Carbon Dioxide sensor uses...

HK$ 3,035.00
Wireless Oxygen Dissolved Sensor

wireless datalogging sensors


  This sensor utilises a specialised electrode, known...

HK$ 693.00
Wireless Oxygen in Air sensor

wireless datalogging sensors


  This can be used to measure how...

HK$ 3,035.00
Wordwall Pro

Software Online Subscription

Create better lessons quicker. Interactives and printables Wordwall...

HK$ 2,524.00
X-MAKER 3D printer
X-MAKER 3D printer

3d Printer

Smart, affordable high speed Wi-Fi one-press printing 3D...

HK$ 3,800.00