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AlphAI Modular Arena

Floor Mat and Fence

EnvironmentAn Arena to facilitate Learning Because the quality...

HK$ 760.00
Aximo Large

Educational Toys


This package is supplied in a plastic bag.that comes with:...

HK$ 710.00
Back Chat

Sensory kit


Back language stimulates the visual imagination and develops...

HK$ 755.00
Bittle Sensor Pack

AI Sensor +I/O Kit


This is the sensor expansion package of the Bittle robot...

HK$ 712.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 719.00

Educational Wooden Toys


Insert plugs, push, pull with Cubelix  The dice invites...

HK$ 703.00
Explain Everything Whiteboard

Software Online Subscription

Combining the freedom of whiteboarding with recording, now...

HK$ 720.00
Lumi pastel in cardboard

Educational Toys


28 stones (pillars, arch bridges, diagonal bricks, hemispheres,...

HK$ 756.00
Merry-Go-Round 旋轉木馬 @STEM II 12 models

single micro:bit model from pack

  You can find various models of merry-go-rounds...

HK$ 456.00
Motor Test Bench 馬達測試台 @STEM II 12 models

single micro:bit model from pack

  An engine test bench allows certain technical...

HK$ 418.00
Musical Doll

Educational Wooden Toys


An attractive set of him and her musical...

HK$ 713.00
Osmo Coding Starter Kit
Osmo Coding Starter Kit

iPad kits

Coding Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo:  3...

HK$ 798.00
OSMO Genius Starter Kit

iPad kits

5 games: Words, Numbers, Tangram, Newton, Masterpiece.  Osmo...

HK$ 798.00
Pneumatics: Beginner

STEM lessons and models pack


5 models.  Learning the basics of pneumatics through play...

HK$ 720.00
SAM Labs Creators Coding Kit

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

2 blocks, designed for 1-2 students.   Hands-on Introductory Solution...

HK$ 792.00
SAM Labs Creators STEAM Kit

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

2 blocks, designed for 1-2 students.  This at-home, mini-kit, featuring Strawbees,...

HK$ 792.00
Schatti Set

Educational Wooden Toys


Schatti Set combines Schatti and Schatti Too in one. Players need...

HK$ 765.00
Shape -Friends

Educational Wooden Toys


Playing with Shape-Friends encourages the development of visual...

HK$ 728.00
Sliding Door 自動門 @STEM II 12 models

single micro:bit model from pack

  A sliding door consists of one or...

HK$ 532.00
Solar: Beginner

Renewable Energy Kit


Discover solar energy through the art of play.  4...

HK$ 720.00
Trail Searching + Hindrance Detecting Mini-Bot 尋軌跡/避障礙智能小車

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

Trail searching, obstacle detection, distance sensing. 3 models. ...

HK$ 760.00
Windshield wiper 擋風玻璃水撥 @STEM II 12 models

single micro:bit model from pack

  A windshield wiper is a device for...

HK$ 589.00
Wireless pH Sensor Pack

wireless datalogging sensors


The Smart Wireless pH Adaptor has three ranges:...

HK$ 1,243.00