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 BrainPOP :  800+ lessons, designed for Pri 4 to Sec 3          

Today's Free BrainPOP Topic (no login required)  Martin Luthur King Jr.
related topics (login required): Civil Rights, Malcolm XJim Crow, Fannie Lou Hamer

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BrainPOP Jr.

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BrainPOP Jr :  250+ lessons, designed for Kindergarten to Pri 3 , or lower English ability learners

Free Movie of the week (no login required):  Lunar New Year
related movies (login required): Winter Holidays, MoonCalendar and Dates

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BrainPOP ELL (English Language Learning)

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BrainPOP ELL - 90 grammar lessons, designed for all English Language Learners, primary/secondary schools, learning English as a Second Language. 

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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40+ topics: Self-Awareness and Self Management, Relationship Skills,...