Vu Timing Ramp Set

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Product Description


This exciting addition to the Vu data logger gives a low cost complete solution to allow students to study time, speed and the effect of friction. The whole class can be involved in active and engaging practical experiments.

Note: Vu data logger required. 




Investigate Friction

The Vu Timing Ramp features changeable surfaces that allow students to investigate the effects of different frictional surfaces.



Investigate Heights

Adjust the height of the slope to investigate the effect of changing the height, does the car go faster or slower? What happens when you add friction?



Repeatable results

The Vu Timing Ramp Set is supplied with two magnet proximity switch sensors and a magnet is attached to the underside of the cart to ensure accurate readings.



Track and Cart Material MDF Wood
Sensor Type Magnetic


What's in the box

1x 1m Wooden Ramp
1x 4 Position Slope Stand
4x Different Surfaces
1x Wooden Car
2x Magnetic Proximity Switches & Magnet




HK$ 1,600.00