Digital microscope

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SmartMicroscope iGo2

iPad Microscope

Connect 3 iPad/Android to view HD images and video. ...

HK$ 3,490.00
SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set

Microscope accessories


  SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set for easy fixed...

HK$ 490.00
SmartMicroScope Cradle

Microscope accessories


  SmartMicroScope Cradle for easy fixed magnfication of...

HK$ 490.00
SmartMicroScope Metal Stand

Microscope stand


  Metal stand for SmartMicroScope iGO and 5M, ...

HK$ 390.00
iGO Gooseneck stand

Microscope stand


Compatible with SmartMicroScope iGO.        SmartMicroScope...

HK$ 1,050.00
Forensics Fingerprint Lab

Experiment Kit

Become a science sleuth! Become a science sleuth...

HK$ 285.00
Curious Learners in Primary Maths, Science, Computing and DT (STEM)

Teacher's Book


  Whether it is in the British National...

HK$ 260.00