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ETC products @ Events/Projects

Thank you for visiting our exhibits at various expos, conferences, seminars, school events, etc over the many years in the past.

We have now specially put together a collection of products that we have shared with you, the visitors in these occasions.     Of course, many of the products you have seen now have newer and updated version.    Please select the event/project titles on the side filters to explore the various products.

ETC products on ETC catalogues

We have also over the years produced various kinds of catalogues.  

With this web site, you can now explore further into the product details, demo videos, training supports under each of the product page. So, just select the catalogues on the side filters to access to the product collections.

Events and Catalogues

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Teaching the Brain

Handbook / Teacher's Guide


What must the brain do in order to...

HK$ 150.00
Learning to Learn

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Author: Sally Featherstone How children learn is much...

HK$ 199.00
Wordwall Pro

Software Online Subscription

Create better lessons quicker. Interactives and printables Wordwall...

HK$ 1,684.00
Key Issues: Assessment for Learning in the Foundation Stage

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

  The Key issues series addresses some of...

HK$ 139.00
Symbaloo Pro for School (online workspace and learning path)

Software Online Subscription

Manage the digital resources distribution within your school. Organized...

HK$ 400.00
Explain Everything Whiteboard

Software Online Subscription

Combining the freedom of whiteboarding with recording, now...

HK$ 720.00
ThingLink Premium for Education

Software Online Subscription

Create unique experiences with narrated interactive 360° media,...

HK$ 8,000.00
Key Issues: Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Thinking about Thinking in the Early Years Ideas...

HK$ 139.00
100 ideas for Primary School Teachers: Developing Thinking Skills

Handbook / Teacher Guide

Thinking skills are the cornerstones of effective learning....

HK$ 149.00
100 ideas for Secondary Teachers: Teaching Philosophy and Ethics

Handbook / Teacher Guide

How do you teach a subject that has...

HK$ 149.00
Don't Worry Be Happy! Or Else!



Question: Why should you feel so happy? Answer:...

HK$ 89.00
How Cool Are Your Parents? (Or Not)



Question: What can you do when your parents...

HK$ 89.00
Once upon a time an If

Handbook / Teacher Guide


The Storythinking Handbook If you want to tell...

HK$ 199.00
The if Odyssey

Handbook / Teacher Guide

A Philosophical Journey Through Greek Myth and Storytelling...

HK$ 199.00
The if Machine

Handbook / Teacher Guide

Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom Each session in...

HK$ 199.00

Software Online Subscription

  Discover      Through short, information packed...

HK$ 20,760.00
BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

250+  topics, BrainPOP Jr. gently encourages young learners to ask...

HK$ 17,240.00
Press It, Switch It, Turn It, Move it!

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

This book supports the delivery of early ICT...

HK$ 199.00
Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 514.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 719.00
Maths Activity Cards

Teacher's Guide


A set of 30 Maths related activity cards...

HK$ 308.00
MaKey MaKey (ready for Scratch 3.0!)

Invention Kit


An Invention Kit for Everyone Combining science, computer...

HK$ 436.00
Sphero SPRK+ Edition


Blending kids' love of robots with the joy...

HK$ 998.00
Flowol 4

Software Download

Flowol 4 allows students of all ages to...

HK$ 3,600.00
Inventa Workshop Resources

Teacher's Photocopy Master

An 8-workshop STEM course material.   These photocopiable...

HK$ 480.00
STEM PREP 2.0 - Physics, Robotics, Energy and Power Set

STEM lessons and models pack


2260 components, 118 models. Project-based learning in STEM...

HK$ 6,930.00
STEM Engineering Set

STEM lessons and models pack


 22 models.     Project-based learning in robotics   ...

HK$ 8,190.00
Robotics & ElectroPneumatics



4 models.  Measure, control, and regulate with a...

HK$ 1,764.00
Robotics in Industry



4 models.  Txt controller, Scratch 3.0, micro:bit ready...

HK$ 2,016.00
Sold Out
Soccer robot
Robotics Competition Set



20 models, Focus on robotics competitions   Scratch 3.0...

HK$ 6,930.00
Conveyor belt

pre-assembled training model


Conveyor belt simulates the transport of the workpieces...

HK$ 4,262.00
Unimat 1 Basic for Primary School (4 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


Model Making with Ease UNIMAT 1 BASIC was...

HK$ 2,990.00
Unimat 1 Classic (6 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


Model Making with Ease For the model-making newcomer who...

HK$ 5,250.00
Unimat ML MetalLine Technic (6 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


For more Precision Slides, tailstock and intermediate pieces...

HK$ 9,500.00
Valiant Vice

Vice for wood/plastic cutting

A unique tool especially for design and make...

HK$ 358.00
Pistol Grip Drill

Maker's Tools


Children find this hand drill easier to use...

HK$ 123.00
Paper Drill with 3 cutters

Maker's Tools


For making holes in card or corrugated plastic...

HK$ 302.00
Callero+ Triple Trolley

Classroom Storage

Callero Plus Treble Trolley with Shallow and /or...

HK$ 4,979.00
Callero+ Double Trolley

Classroom Storage

Callero Plus is our new range for School...

HK$ 4,654.00
Sit 'n' Store on wheels

Classroom Storage


BSI tested and passed for heavy educational use....

HK$ 450.00
Gomez Returns

Software CD-Rom

Arch-villain and infamous nature-hater Gomez is on the...

HK$ 208.00
V-Log8 USB+ Bluetooth



A low cost 8 channel remote data logger with 4...

HK$ 2,970.00
SmartMicroscope iGo2

iPad Microscope

Connect 3 iPad/Android to view HD images and video. ...

HK$ 3,490.00
Physics I (2.0)

STEM lessons and models pack


7 models:  Understand dynamics by playing with different functional...

HK$ 1,224.00
Optics & Lights

STEM lessons and models pack


 15 models. Fascinating insight into the world of optics. ...

HK$ 1,008.00
fischertechnik designer



The Construction Software for fischertechnik models    ...

HK$ 1,638.00
Return to Mechania

Software CD-Rom

 All the DT, none of the equipment! Get...

HK$ 208.00
Focus on Mechanical Toys

Software CD-Rom

Mechanical Toys Design Technology software supports the teaching...

HK$ 419.00