Geography (Earth Science)

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  Discover      Through short, information packed...

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BrainPOP Jr.

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250+  topics, BrainPOP Jr. gently encourages young learners to ask...

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120+ topics:   Earth System, Weather, Our Fragile Environment....

Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter with LiNK Bluetooth

Weather Meter


  Wind speed, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and...

HK$ 3,218.00
Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter with LiNK and vane mount

Weather Meter


  The world's most complete weather meter AND...

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Kestrel DROP D1 Wireless Temperature Monitor and Data Logger

Environmental data logger


Wirelessly monitor and log your temperature conditions with...

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Kestrel DROP D2 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Environmental data logger


Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger A Kestrel...

HK$ 1,021.00
Kestrel DROP D3 Wireless Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Data Logger

Environmental data logger


Get More Advanced Environmental Monitoring with the DROP...

HK$ 1,278.00
Rotating Vane Mount and Carry Case, Kestrel 5 Series



  This precision engineered accessory securely mounts any...

HK$ 592.00
SmartMicroscope iGo2

iPad Microscope

Connect 3 iPad/Android to view HD images and video. ...

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The Day

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News to Open Minds. THE DAY is a...

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