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Workspace and Lesson Plan @ SymbalooEDU

Software Online Subscription

Create. Share. Discover. Visit the official web site...

HK$ 960.00

Software Online Subscription


HK$ 15,160.00
BrainPOP China

Software Online Subscription

  BrainPOP China is a light version of...

HK$ 10,200.00
BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

  BrainPOP Jr. offers animated educational movies, quizzes,...

HK$ 12,400.00
Nearpod for Education School license

Software Online Subscription

1 in 10 schools in the US use...

HK$ 7,760.00

Software Online Subscription

Create a game for learning outdoor on mobile...

HK$ 890.00
Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard

Software Online Subscription

Animate your Thinking with Explain Everything Explain Everything...

HK$ 2,400.00
VideoScribe EDU

Software Online Subscription


Animated whiteboard video, as seen in Ken Robinson's...

HK$ 4,640.00
Plotagon Education

Software Online Subscription

Combine Creative Writing with Animation Inspire students to...

HK$ 312.00
Storyboard That

Software Online Subscription

You Teach. They Create.Everyone Learns. Bring the world’s...

HK$ 2,325.00
ThingLink Premium for Education

Software Online Subscription

Create unique experiences with narrated interactive 360° media,...

HK$ 8,000.00
I Can Present Green Screening

Software Download

Green Screen Presentations & Movies Inspire, Create, Perform...

HK$ 649.00
Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Software Download

The Audio Notetaker, The Ideas Tool Visit official...

HK$ 541.00
Read&Write for Desktop, Google, Tablet

Software Online Subscription

The  Read&Write family of literacy software makes the...

HK$ 1,800.00
Word Shark 5

Software USB/download

What is Wordshark? visit the official site for...

HK$ 1,760.00
Fluency Tutor For Google

Software Online Subscription

  Fluency Tutor for Google is an easy-to-use...

HK$ 780.00
Kidspiration 3

Software Download

The visual way to explore and understand words,...

HK$ 368.00
Inspiration 9

Software Download


 official web site For visual mapping, outlining, writing...

HK$ 368.00
Rationale Education Extra

Software Online Subscription

Critical Thinking and Essay Writing using Rationale online...

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The Day Primary

Software Online Subscription

News to Open Minds  Visit the main site

HK$ 2,587.00
The Day

Software Online Subscription


HK$ 637.00
100 ideas for Primary School Teachers: Developing Thinking Skills

Handbook / Teacher Guide

Thinking skills are the cornerstones of effective learning....

HK$ 182.00
100 ideas for Secondary Teachers: Teaching Philosophy and Ethics

Handbook / Teacher Guide

How do you teach a subject that has...

HK$ 210.00
IB Theory of Knowledge Print and Online Course Book

Book, Online

Oxford IB Diploma Programme The only resources developed...

HK$ 588.00
Teaching the Brain

Handbook / Teacher's Guide


What must the brain do in order to...

HK$ 210.00
Learning to Learn

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Author: Sally Featherstone How children learn is much...

HK$ 266.00
Curious Learners in Primary Maths, Science, Computing and DT (STEM)

Teacher's Book


  Whether it is in the British National...

HK$ 260.00
Easi-Ears® Digital Audio Story Headphones

MP3 audio headsets


Easi-Ears, a new digital audio system designed for...

HK$ 6,369.00
Easi-Speak MP3 Recorder / Player

Educational Toys

Shortlisted for a NASEN Award 2011 - Resource...

HK$ 537.00
Easi-Speak Stand

Educational Toys

A great stand for the Easi-Speak range, ideal...

HK$ 152.00
Air Mouse Elite Mouse Combo with Low Profile Keyboard

Wireless mouse and keyboard


THE AIR MOUSE ELITE  (30M/100ft) See official web site...

HK$ 1,456.00