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A computer-adaptive test for reading for students in Years 2 – 13, built for the new British national curriculum. 

Prove student progress with Star Reading 

Renaissance Star Reading is a complete online assessment of your students’ reading growth, showing you skills they have mastered which are aligned to the National Curriculum. Star Reading goes even further to show you the skills each student needs to focus on to meet or exceed expected standards. What’s more, Star Reading is computer-adaptive, meaning that it adapts to each student’s abilities, catering for everyone from SEN to your high-achievers.


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Valid and reliable

  • Valid and reliable: Star Reading incorporates Learning progressions, an empirically validated description of how learning typically advances in reading. The learning progressions have been built for the new British national curriculum  by Renaissance Learning in collaboration with the British National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).
  • Fast: You can screen your entire class in as little as 20 minutes to reveal which children need help to reach benchmarks and to group children by proficiency levels.
  • Actionable: Meet all your testing needs in one assessment, generating concise reports on screening, benchmarking, child growth and progress monitoring to inform planning.

Accurate and detailed assessment data

Star Reading gives you access to an accurate set of data to inform your teaching and your children’s reading practice:

How to enhance instruction with Star Assessments?
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  • Reading age (in years and months)
  • Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD): The range of difficulty level of books a child should read to allow for independent reading
  • Norm Referenced Standardised Score: How a child compares nationally with others of a similar age
  • Percentile Rank: A norm-referenced score that provides a measure of a child’s score compared with other children of the same age nationally
  • Scaled Score: A measure of a child’s progress against the expected standards in the new reading curriculum


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Cost per student, 12 months, minimum 100 students
HK$ 96.00

100-499 students