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100 ideas for Secondary Teachers: Teaching Philosophy and Ethics

Handbook / Teacher Guide

How do you teach a subject that has...

HK$ 149.00
28mm Crocodile Clips, pack of 50

Conductive Thread Connector


Sewable electronics. (Click here for our  full selection of...

HK$ 50.00

pre-assembled training model


Positions workpieces safely and precisely with the aid...

HK$ 8,467.00
5 Minute Scientific Investigations Activities (Free!)

Lesson plan and student worksheets

The FREE 5 minutes activites are a collection...

:Create Interface board for micro:bit and fischertechnik

Shield for sensor/input/output


Bridge the gap between fischertechnik STEM kits &...

HK$ 105.00
:MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit)

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


The Kitronik :MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit for the...

HK$ 275.00
A Creative Approach to Teaching writing

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Why should children learn to write fluently? What...

HK$ 169.00
A Level Practical Skills Matches A Level Practical Skills Matches eBook (Free!)

Lesson plan and student worksheets


Second Edition: A-Level Required Practical Activities. Following from...

A5 Printed Sensors Set of 3

Conductive Paint Sensor


Use paper as a sensor. See tutorial here for use...

HK$ 120.00
Accelerometer (High g 2-axis)

datalogging sensors


Ideal for measuring the forces in collisions between...

HK$ 1,100.00
Accelerometer (Low g 3-axis)

datalogging sensors


Ideal for measuring small accelerations such as change...

HK$ 1,100.00
Additional packs of ECG Electrode patches

datalogging accessories


  Pack of 100 disposable patches for use...

HK$ 231.00
Alarm System 警報裝置 (from Electronics Pack)

single model from pack

As soon as the door is opened, the...

HK$ 589.00
Anemometer (Wind meter) Pack

datalogging sensors


For use with the Count Tachometer adaptor (3296)...

HK$ 1,749.00
Banana to Banana Cable - Right Angle, pack of 5



Specially designed to fit micro:bit and gator:bit!   In...

HK$ 50.00
Barrier 自動電閘 @STEM II 12 models

single micro:bit model from pack

  Barriers are located in front of many...

HK$ 475.00
Bathroom Fan 浴室抽氣扇 (from Electronics Pack)

single model from pack

If it is not possible to ventilate a...

HK$ 589.00
BBC micro:bit V.2 Starter Kit


BBC micro:bit v.2  (new! since Oct 2020), a...

HK$ 139.00
Biology (age 11-14) eBook

Lesson plan and student worksheets


These 22 carefully selected practical activities for 11...

Biology (age 14-18) eBook

Lesson plan and student worksheets


A 400 page eBook containing a comprehensive collection...


Software Online Subscription

  Discover      Through short, information packed...

HK$ 19,160.00
BrainPOP ELL (English Language Learning)

Software Online Subscription

90 grammar lessons.   BrainPOP ELL  is a comprehensive...

HK$ 9,560.00
Breathing Rate Belt

datalogging sensors


To measure the expansion and contraction of a...

HK$ 418.00
Breathing Rate Belt and Pressure Sensor Pack

datalogging sensors


  The SmartQ ±10kPa Differential Gas Pressure sensor...

HK$ 1,232.00
Cable Cars 纜車

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

  Glide down the slope on a 6-meter...

HK$ 570.00
Callero+ Double Trolley

Classroom Storage

Callero Plus is our new range for School...

HK$ 4,654.00
Callero+ Triple Trolley

Classroom Storage

Callero Plus Treble Trolley with Shallow and /or...

HK$ 4,979.00
Carbon Dioxide Sensor

datalogging sensors


The sensor is designed and optimised to measure...

HK$ 3,058.00
Charge Sensor

datalogging sensors


  A replacement for the traditional gold leaf...

HK$ 1,188.00
Chemistry (14-8) eBook

Lesson plan and student worksheets


55 datalogging experiments for Chemistry covering a wide...

Chemistry (age 11-14) eBook

Lesson plan and student worksheets


21 useful datalogging activities support the core Chemistry...

CNC-Upgrade Package for Unimat ML Metalline

Mini Machine Tools

Building on the Unimat ML 6in1 kit with...

HK$ 13,870.00
Colorimeter Cuvettes (pack of 100)

datalogging accessories


10 x 10 mm optically clear 4.5 ml...

HK$ 187.00
Colorimeter sensor

datalogging sensors


  A simple, effective, recording colorimeter capable of...

HK$ 1,243.00
Conductivity Pack

datalogging sensors


  The Smart Q Conductivity Sensor is used...

HK$ 1,177.00
Conveyor Belt with Punch (from BT Smart Beginner Set)

single model from pack

A combination of the punch and conveyor belt. Look...

HK$ 589.00
Count / Tachometer Adaptor

datalogging sensors


Counts electrical pulses and presents the data as...

HK$ 550.00
Crocodile Clips (Pair)

datalogging sensors


  A Crocodile clip lead is normally used...

HK$ 176.00
Current - 100mA

datalogging sensors


+/- 100mA low range, high resolution current sensor...

HK$ 550.00
Current - 10A

datalogging sensors


+/- 10A high range current sensor for d.c....

HK$ 550.00
Current - 1A

datalogging sensors


+/- 1A mid range current sensor for d.c....

HK$ 550.00

Software Download and Apps

Writing success for older learners Help struggling writers...

HK$ 2,500.00
Drop and Bubble Counter

datalogging sensors


  A sensor for accurate and automated titrations.  Use...

HK$ 1,056.00
Dynamic cart

datalogging sensors


Additional Cart for the Dynamics System. Includes: The...

HK$ 341.00
Dynamic System

datalogging accessories


Physics ready out of the box The versatile...

HK$ 2,420.00
Dynamics Extension Kit 1

datalogging accessories


This is the extension to the Dynamics System and...

HK$ 1,100.00
E.C.G Sensor (Electrocardiogram)

datalogging sensors


  Three lead student ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor to measure...

HK$ 1,386.00
EasySense2 App
EasySense2 App

datalogging software


A free learning platform that allows teachers to...