A Level Practical Skills Matches A Level Practical Skills Matches eBook (Free!)

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A Level Practical Skills Matches A Level Practical Skills Matches  eBook (Free!)
Product Description

Second Edition: A-Level Required Practical Activities. Following from its successful launch last year, this free eBook has been substantially revised to include new practical activities and even tighter matching to the new A-Level specifications.


Data Harvest has a large archive of worksheets, practical experience and support documentation. In this downloadable document we provide links between selected materials from our archive and the new practical skills assessments that will be integral to A level teaching from September 2015.

Data logging, data loggers and sensor technology are an integral part of the Ofqual and government orders and is embedded in the new specifications created by the English examination boards.

This free download document will provide:

  • Links between key practical skills and apparatus skills to Data logging Complete examples of practical work in biology, chemistry and physics that will be enhanced by inclusion of data logging.
  • Teaching and lab technician preparation guidance for all the included practical activities.
  • Examples of how to use data collected in practical work to mathematically model the supporting theory.
  • A full description of the advanced mathematical functions within EasySense software.

The 42 Activities (365 pages) in the download include:

  • Titration.
  • Enzyme reactions and enzyme study.
  • Membrane permeability.
  • Rates of reaction.
  • Interference of light (Young’s single and double slit).
  • Simple harmonic motion.
  • Acceleration due to gravity (by free fall).
  • Capacitor time constants, energy and charge.
  • Gas laws.



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