Electro-Fashion, Sewable 5mm LED Holder, pack of 10

Sewable electronics



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Sewable electronics.

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Sewable 5mm LED Holder, pack of 10 with double-sided contacts for enhanced reliability. Ideal for any e-textiles project


Sweable LED holder (2 minutes)

When using through hole LEDs it can be hard to form the eyelets and then work out which leg is positive and negative. That's where these Sewable LED Holders come in! The 5mm LED holder boards, quickly and easily take any through hole 5mm LED and (after soldering in place) make them easy to use in any e-textiles project.

Just slide the chosen LED through the holes in the middle of the board, matching the flat side of the LED to the outline on the PCB. Solder the LED into place, snip the excess length from the LED legs and you have just converted a through hole LED into an easy sewable LED board!

The PCBs are double sided making the thread connection very reliable, and are supplied on a panel of 10 and can be easily separated by snapping them out.



  • 1 x Electro-Fashion, Sewable 5mm LED Holder, pack of 10.

Dimensions (per Sewable LED Holder):

  • PCB Length: 18mm.
  • PCB Width: 8mm.
  • PCB Height: 1mm.

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