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Combining the freedom of whiteboarding with recording, now comes with collaboration!   

Your all-in-one tool that makes teaching better. Regardless if you’re in the classroom or online, your draw board shouldn’t limit the way you teach. Explain Everything excels where other whiteboards fail – by empowering your instruction and enabling group work.


Record quick tutorials and video explanations 

Wondering how to make a tutorial (explainer) video?
Presenting concepts and ideas has never been easier than it is when using an online whiteboard.

Import PDFs, demonstrate how to solve problems, do whiteboard drawings, highlight key concepts, and record the entire process so everyone can follow along.   Export your video and share.  Learn more


Collaborate with students and in groups


Have your students work on projects collaboratively, increasing their problem solving and teamwork skills – no matter if you’re in the classroom or still teaching remotely.

Creativity and productivity will help everyone learn faster.


Broadcast your classes with ease


Use your favourite video conferencing apps in tandem with Explain Everything Whiteboard to present your classroom projects to always stay on the same page with your audience.

No matter the distance.




Why get the paid plan?

The paid plan makes it possible to take full advantage of Explain Everything’s capabilities.

Although the functionalities provided in the free and paid plan users are the same, there are features that make the paid plan stand out, such as expanded storage space, unlimited recording and number of projects and slides you can create, and customised group management.


  Explain Everything Freatures/Plans Paid Free
Number of Projects Unlimited 3
Pages per Project Unlimited 1
Recording length Unlimited 1 minute
Explain Drive Cloud Storage* 1 GB/user* 500 MB
Shared Folders
User and license management
MDM deployment
Advanced security & permissions


* Paid plan can order additional Explain Drive storage to be shared amongst all users at the school



How many licenses do I need for my school?

The number of licenses you might need depends on the teaching scenarios that are most applicable to your school. Take a look below to find out which use-cases suit you best.


Use-case license for Teachers
license for Students
Teachers create explainer videos for students to view (either from Explain Driver or an LMS). 
Learn more
Teachers provide live instruction with the app.  Students can work on assignments alone or in small groups together. 
Learn more
Both teachers and students can create explainer videos. 
Learn more
Both teachers and students actively collaborate within the app on a cloud project.  Students can work on their own and download any number of projects. 
Learn more
Students do not create their own projects and only work live on projects provided by teachers.  Students cannot work on projects in the absence of the teacher. 
Learn more
Required Optional



Share the link to the video tutorial with your colleagues


Visit the Explain Everything support site:

School plan, 12 months, 100 students per teacher
HK$ 4,000.00

5 teachers