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Animate your Thinking with Explain Everything 

Explain Everything is a unique interactive screencasting whiteboard app being used by over 2 million students, teachers, leaders, and learners around the world. Engage and get inspired. Watch other people's explanations, videos, and projects made in Explain Everything and picked by our staff.

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Explain Everything User Guide

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Explain Everything in 2021: What's coming?




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Download the  app from here:  Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard

Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard has the same best-in-class interactive screencasting whiteboard tools as our current Interactive Whiteboard product and adds two powerful new components: real-time collaboration and integration with our new project template and inspiration community Explain Everything Discover.



• Collaborate with other users using the app within the same WiFi network.
• Enable view-only mode or enable editing for participants in hosted collaborative sessions.
• Allow participants to save copies of the projects to their own devices after a collaborative session



• Export projects to Explain Everything™ Discover, a content portal for sharing, publishing, and downloading editable project files.
• Compress projects to movies (MP4) in the cloud or locally on your device (no internet access needed)
• Share unique CODEs for easy project sharing and account management
• Send invitations to join premium EDU accounts and to access private folders
• Give students pre-prepared projects and templates to open on their iPads, work on them and view, share, or present the work in support of reflection, feedback, and and ongoing assessment




EDU Group Account - extra feature on top of the free edition:

  • All premium editing, collaborative and sharing features
  • Access to iOS, Android, Chrome and Windows versions of Explain Everything
  • Download and edit projects shared on Explain Everything Discover
  • Host or join real-time collaborative sessions on iOS with full editing features
  • Share screencasts privately or publicly on Explain Everything Discover
  • 2 GB of content storage
  • Convenient cloud-based MP4 video compression of projects
  • Administrative console for managing, deploying, and revoking cross-platform teacher and student accounts
  • Centralized group and private folder management
  • Centralized billing
  • Assign licenses by device and/or by user 
    12 months subscription
    HK$ 720.00

    10 users