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Extra Explain Drive Storage
Product Description

Explain Drive is a content portal for sharing, publishing, and downloading editable project files. It provides users an additional destination to publish projects easily, discover the work of others, and download, edit, and remix projects from the global community. The portal can be accessed from the app’s Home Screen or by visiting drive.explaineverything.com.

All projects uploaded to the portal, if shared publicly, can be downloaded and edited by others. This way you can download a project, copy graphics you like, and reuse them in your project. You can also delete all recordings and make your own. Your project’s privacy settings can be changed any time.

When you tap a project thumbnail, a player will open with options to view the recording, share, like, and download a local copy of the project.

Extra Explain Drive Storage, 12 months subscription
HK$ 200.00

5 GB