Key Issues: A Grandparent’s Survival Guide to Child Care

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Key Issues: A Grandparent’s Survival  Guide to Child Care
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About Grandparent's Survival Guide to Child Care

How much childcare can I realistically take on at my age? How will I fill the day if the child is bored? Can I cope with two children at a time? What about all these new theories I hear about, how can I get up to date? What equipment will I need to buy, and who should pay for it?

A Grandparent's Survival Guide to Childcare provides the answers to these and many more questions. Written by a doctor and a Montessori teacher both with extensive experience as grandparents themselves, this down-to-earth guide provides vital information on deciding what you will offer in the way of childcare, how to sort out who will do what (and pay for what), how to structure a day of childcare, how to ensure that their days with you are as full of fun and learning as the rest of your grandchild's week, and what to do to prevent accidents and deal with emergencies should they arise. This book will ensure that you develop that very special relationship with the grandchildren you care for and have fun doing it!


“Caring for grandchildren can have a huge impact on everyday life and this practical guide gives reassuring answers and ensures that caring for grandchildren is fun and offers huge benefits for all the family.” –

“This is a must-have book for any parent commissioning childcare from a grandparent!” –  NHS Employee

“My fellow expert grandma thinks its the best thing she has seen and is already recommending it to fellow grandparents!” –  Mrs N, Retired Paediatrician

“...packed with advice on everything from how much to take on, child health and behaviour, as well as a host of ways to keep grandchildren entertained.” –  Prima Baby and Pregnancy

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