ABC book - New Edition!



Product Description

 A perfect introduction to the Letterland characters

This best-selling book is a much-loved publication.

Children will enjoy meeting Annie Apple and all her friends as they look at the 26 beautifully illustrated scenes and listen to the accompanying stories.

Ideal for

  • promoting phonemic awareness
  • developing vocabulary
  • teaching listening skills

the ABC Book is an essential addition to any child’s bookshelf and to any classroom where phonics is part of the curriculum.


This book covers

  • all the 26 alphabets 
  • the 5 vowel men.

On each page there are beautifully illustrated scenes with lots of objects to discover, all beginning with a letter sound, so there’s plenty of opportunity for young learners to practise their growing phonics skills


There are changes in most of the picture - removing unrelated characters (Letterlander for the sound) Important:    All the Letterland characters remain the same.   No change.
  • Change in the text content for all of the characters.
  • The picture for e is completely changed.
  • The introduction section of the book is also new.
  • ABC Activity Book
  • Letterland Phonics At-Home Starter Set - ideal for age 3 - 4 year-old kids
  1. Early Year Handbook CD
  2. Alphabet Songs CD
  3. Once upon a Time in Letterland DVD
  • Letterland Baby Starter Set - ideal for age 0 - 3 year-old kids
  1. My ABC of Letters Board Book
  2. Alphabet freize
  3. Early Year Handbook CD
  4. Alphabet Songs CD
  5. Once upon a Time in Letterland DVD
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