Letterland ABC book




Product Description

 A perfect introduction to the Letterland characters

This best-selling book is a much-loved publication.

Children will enjoy meeting Annie Apple and all her friends as they look at the 26 beautifully illustrated scenes and listen to the accompanying stories.

Ideal for

  • promoting phonemic awareness
  • developing vocabulary
  • teaching listening skills

the ABC Book is an essential addition to any child’s bookshelf and to any classroom where phonics is part of the curriculum.




This book covers

  • all the 26 alphabets 
  • the 5 vowel men.

On each page there are beautifully illustrated scenes with lots of objects to discover, all beginning with a letter sound, so there’s plenty of opportunity for young learners to practise their growing phonics skills


ABC Book was revised in 2016.

Compared to the previous edition, there are changes in 
  • the introduction section of the book 
  • the picture for e - completely different  
  • most of the other pictures - with unrelated Letterland characters removed. Each page focuses on the featured Letterlander alone.
  • the text content for all of the characters description page

Important:    All the Letterland characters remain the same.   No change.


以圖畫及故事形式教授小朋友 a-z 26個英文字母的發音。

家長和小朋友一起看圖畫時,可指著圖畫上不同的物件,用英文讀出該物件的名稱。例如在字母"B"的圖畫上,你會看見很多用"B"字母開頭的物件,就如 bird, boat, book 等等。當你每次讀出這些字,頭一個音都會聽到 /b/,其實這就是 B 在字裡的讀音 (sound in words)

每個字母的詳細物件名單 (Word List),可見本書的 p60-61。

  • ABC Activity Book
  • Letterland Phonics At-Home Starter Set - ideal for age 3 - 4 year-old kids
  1. Early Year Handbook CD
  2. Alphabet Songs CD
  3. Once upon a Time in Letterland DVD
  • Letterland Baby Starter Set - ideal for age 0 - 3 year-old kids
  1. My ABC of Letters Board Book
  2. Alphabet freize
  3. Early Year Handbook CD
  4. Alphabet Songs CD
  5. Once upon a Time in Letterland DVD
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