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1 in 10 schools in the US use Nearpod. Engage, Assess, Inspire your students.

Interactive lessons.  Real-time assessment.  Across all devices.

Empowering educators to create learning experiences that engage and inspire millions of students around the world.

Nearpod is a must have application schools that have access to iPads, iPods, iPhones, Android, Mac, PC for their classes.

What's Nearpod?


The Nearpod platform enables teachers, schools and districts, to use their devices to manage content on any of the students' devices,  seamlessly combines interactive presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

Nearpod 2017 - Watch the New Video! from Nearpod on Vimeo.


To learn more about nearpod visit:

What teachers say about Nearpod?

By a secondary school teacher (1 minute) 

By a kindergarten teacher (3 minutes)

By various teachers (2 minutes)

With Nearpod, teachers can:

  • Easily share fun and interactive content with students
  • Instantly collect and share answers submitted by students
  • Track student comprehension in realtime

Teachers can either create interactive Nearpod lessons with their existing lesson plans or can choose from thousands of K12 ready-to-teach lessons from distinguished authors and publishers including Common Sense Education, Learn Zillion, CK12, Time For Kids and Readworks.

NEW! Nearpodize Your Classroom from Your iPhone


HK teacher sharing

See this on HKEdCity - Go Learning:  

運用Nearpod 與學生進行互動教學活動

Introducing Nearpod VR Virtual Field Trips

Nearpod VR's Virtual Field Trips bring to your classroom real-world experiences that will inspire your students to learn and think more deeply.

Read this Nearpod blog about the Virtual Field Trips function

Check out the Virtual Field Trip lessons, free with school licence


About Nearpod virtual field trips (2 minutes)

 Students going on virtual field trip with Nearpod, reported on 4 Feb 2016 on Fox TV, Austin, US


    See the Aug 2018  Nearpod versions comparison table:


    comparing the Silver edition (free, single teacher), Gold (paid, single teacher), school (paid, 5 teachers or more)

    We have specific School License that

    1. give you access to all of our premium features (which are not available under the free Silver edition)  such as: embed web content, videos + audio files, PDFs, and even live Twitter streams; student notes, set a lesson in a student-paced mode (“homework” mode).  Reports for both live and homework sessions are available as PDF and CSV files.   Report in the Silver, free edition is only available in PDF.
    2. further increase your storage space up to up to  10GB and max presentation size up to 60MB 
    Advanced features which are NOT available under the free  for individual teachers:
    1. offer effective administrator tools to make managing your account and your users 
    2. a special feature is the private library for your school or district where teachers can upload and share presentations with colleagues.
    3. Include a dedicated Nearpod specialist by your side, along with personalized training to ensure your staff can most effectively use all of the Nearpod features and benefits.

    Storage space: 10 GB
    Presentation size 60 MB
    Student per live session: up to 100
    Minimum number of teachers: 5


    Official support web site

    Check out these self-paced guides to learn more about Nearpod

    Getting started

    Discover how to use Nearpod to engage your students and gain insight into their learning.

    Take Self-Paced Course

    Creating a Presentation

    Learn how to create an interactive engaging lesson from scratch, or from your existing teaching resources.

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    Advanced Techniques

    Learn how to differentiate, combine interactive activities, and flip your classroom with Nearpod.

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    1 Year School Edition for teachers and teaching assistants
    HK$ 7,760.00

    up to 5 users without Nearpod content