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Ohbot App School Site Licence
Product Description

A perpetual site licence to use the current version of the Ohbot software on an unlimited number of machines at the school. 

Available to schools with between 1 and 2600 pupils on roll that have purchased a minimum of one Ohbot or Picoh.



Visit this Ohbot App blocks guide page https://community.ohbot.co.uk/ohbothelp/help40.html



To use the AI features, you need to download the Ohbot App 2 beta version: https://www.ohbot.co.uk/ohapp2.html

Summary of the new tools in Ohbot App Two



Visit here  https://www.ohbot.co.uk/ai.html for guide

Download OhBot ChatGPT sample code



License size - by number of enrolled students
HK$ 1,180.00


1-500 students