Oxford Primary Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Dictionary


Oxford University Press

Product Description

With a clear, colour layout and quirky bird character to make it fun to use, the book is in two parts.

1. The first part is a reference section of simple rules, tips, and examples to improve literacy skills for the test at the end of primary school.

This divides into three sections - Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling.

2. The second part is an easy-to-use alphabetical word list of common tricky words, with inflections, but no meanings.

This list highlights, using analysis from the Oxford Children's Corpus, words that are most frequently misspelt by this age group, to target and rectify these common mistakes.

Readership : Suitable for 8+ years, teachers, parents, librarians.


There are helpful tips to guide the user around the alphabetical list to the word they are looking for, and notes at key words to aid correct spellings.

Online spelling lists, punctuation, and grammar activities will be provided for easy practice at home or as part of lesson starters or as homework.


HK$ 109.00