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The Padlet you already love with the privacy and control your school needs:
Padlet Backpack for School

Content creation for collaborative classrooms 

Padlets are visual boards for organizing and sharing content

  1. Every Padlet begins as a blank slate 
  2. you add text, image, video and more
  3. Then share the padlet with others who do the same
  4. Collaborate to create something beautiful


Create your school's exclusive Padlet subdomain from here



What is Padlet Backpack for School? (16 mins)
The Padlet you already love with the privacy and control your school needs



Easy and intuitive

Even if you’ve never used any kind of productivity software before, Padlet is familiar and fun.

  • Add posts with one click, copy-paste, or drag and drop
  • Works the way your mind works - with sight, sound, and touch
  • Changes are autosaved
  • Simple link sharing allows for quick collaboration


Private and secure

Publish your best work, and protect your innermost thoughts.

  • Choose from five options: Public, Secret, Password Protected, Totally Private, and Organization-Wide
  • From each option, choose who can view, write on, or moderate your padlets



Padlet Backpack for School features:


1.  Magic Padlet (GenAI)

Exclusive to Padlet Backpack school account, Magic Padlet generate completed padlets full of classroom content in seven different formats:

Lesson plan, Map of historical events, Timeline of events, Reading list, Classroom activities list, Assesssment polls, custom board.    Read more from here:  blog | help doc


2. User management and access control

Add and remove people from your school. Student graduates? Revoke access while still keeping their data. New students join? Give them automatic access to lessons and plans and other stuff you have created. Give administrators and teachers rights to see student work.

3. More privacy

All padlets, by default, are only visible to the people in your school. All this without compromising on the ease of sharing with others, including sharing outside the school when you have to.

4. Extra security

If your school is the type that likes to limit access to its content to the walls of its campus (firewall, if you will), we can do that. This is on top of our already sweet security - our servers are well protected; we use SSL to transfer data between your computers and our servers, the same technology used by banks; we backup your data every day.

5. Branding

Instead of meaningless "padlet" and our jesterlike crane, see your school name and logo. You also get your own subdomain, e.g.,

6. School-wide activity monitoring

Keep tabs on what is going on - what is being created, what is being shared. Know what a student is up to. Catch the mischievous ones.

7.   Bigger file uploads, and Unlimited Padlet creation

Want to post a 100MB video? A 50MB photoshop file? Upload files up to 500MB in size.

8. Student reports and portfolios

Create beautiful reports and portfolios for students - by year, class, or subject.

9. Google Apps and LMS integration

Use your existing login, student data, or learning management systems to provision users and login without setting another password.

10. Content filtering

Automatically remove bad words like $%^& and @!#*.



Padlet has 3 areas of AI:


Magic Padlet
Generate padlets with AI

Use Magic Padlet to generate classroom content curated to your subject, grade level, and specifications.

 Magic Padlet guides: Step-guide | blog

I can't draw
Add AI-generated images to your padlets.

makes it easy to add AI-generated art to your padlets.

 I Can't Draw  guides: Step-guide | blog


Slide Show
If you can build a padlet, you can build beautiful, auto-designed presentations

 Slide Show: Step-guide | blog



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