Pythagoras Transparent

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Product Description

Due to its versatility, the game has a high aesthetic, educational and didactic value.

As a creative and decorative placement game for kindergarten children, it promotes recognition of colours and shapes, differentiated perception, concentration and preliminary mathematic skills such as sorting and assigning. By overlaying different shapes and colours, the simple rules of colour harmony and colour mixing can be visually experienced.

The transparent lid in the wooden frame is designed in such a way that the overlapped geometric pieces can be held against the light.

For children older than 10 years, this play is well suited for illustrating the Theory of Pythagoras. The detailed instructions provides suggestions for the different areas of support.

Especially suitable also in combination with the Illuminated Table-Top Viewer (102 702).

Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!

Each pack comes with

  • 62 geometric shapes made of satined acrylic
  • 12 templates
  • 1 wooden box with transparent lid
  • 1 instructions booklet


  • Wooden box 19 x 19 x 8 cm
  • Template 16 x 16 cm 

For children from 3 years, the game can be used as

  1. a creative and decorative placement game - with or without templates.
  2. an easy contests, such as  Who has placed another piece first?
  3. a high concentration activity that requires the variant in which the template is only shown briefly and the geometric shape has to be placed from memory.
  4. a kind of domino where the children try to put together pieces with matching side lengths. Interesting geometric shapes can be created.

For children from 10 years, the placement game can be used as

  1. an illustration game for the Theory of Pythagoras in the classroom or outside of school.
  2. preliminary exercises for distributing various geometric shapes in other geometric shapes.
  3. practise for dividing large triangles and squares into smaller units.

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