Servo to crocodile clip adapter cable




Product Description

If you have a standard servo and need to connect it to a board that accepts crocodile clip connections then our new servo to crocodile clip adapter cable is the accessory for you.

The adapter cable features 100mm colour coded cables terminating in a male servo connector at one end and colour coded 35mm crocodile clips at the other.

The servo to crocodile clip adapter cable is ideal for connecting standard servos to the Kitronik Klip Motor Driver Board for microbit.

As an alternative, if you also need to obtain a standard servo, we do also have a Clippable Servo. The clippable servo is a metal gear 180-degree rotation servo that comes pre-fitted with crocodile clip connections.


  • This adapter cable allows you to attach a standard servo to a board that accepts crocodile connections.
  • Colour coded 100mm leads and crocodile connector covers.
  • Ideal for use in robotics/Buggy projects.

Pin Assignments:

Wire Colour. Clip Cover Colour. Usual Servo Assignment.
Brown Wire. Black Clip Cover. GND.
Red Wire. Red Clip Cover. +ve.
Orange Wire. Yellow Clip Cover. Signal.



  • 1 x Servo to Crocodile Clip Adapter Cable.


  • Length: 135mm.




HK$ 11.00