Solderless TT Motor Board

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Product Description

The Solderless TT Motor adapter board allows you to add TT motors to your project without any soldering. Clip to the board with crocodile clips and off you go.


The solderless TT motor adapter board is probably the best way of adding a TT motor to a project. Hands up if you've ever partially melted a motor or destroyed a lug whilst trying to solder wires to one? /raises hand... Not anymore! Not only is it easy to fit, it will extend the working life of your motors, especially in an educational environment. Re-use the motors over and over again. You won't even need to remove the TT motor adapter board between builds.

To fit; bend the motors lugs out approx 45 degrees from flat, place the board against the motor lining up the motors holes with the holes on the PCB, screw the two together. You can now connect to the board to your project with crocodile leads and you are good to go!

Alternatively, if you want to use jumper cables instead of crocodile clips; choose one of three connection holes that is right for your project and fit some pins headers to the board. You will need the soldering iron for this one, but soldering to the PCB is a much more appealing proposition than soldering to the lugs on the motors. All the fun of soldering without the smell of burning plastic!

If you combine these solderless boards with our motor driver board for the BBC microbit, also solderless, you can build yourself a working programmable buggy/robot without a soldering iron! Just add a chassis, such as a flat piece of wood, cardboard or perspex, sticky pad everything to it and job done! This activity could also easily be done completely safely with younger children in primary education.


  • Add motors to your project without using a soldering iron.
  • Simple to fit and use.
  • Makes your budget go further by allowing you to reuse motors time and time again.
  • Suitable to use with older primary children.
  • Connect to the board using crocodile clips.
  • Alternatively, you can fit pin headers to the board and use jumper cables (soldering required).


  • 1 x TT motor adapter board.



HK$ 9.00