The Little Book of Counting

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The Little Book of Counting
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About The Little Book of Counting

A new Little Book expands this popular series by providing further ideas in problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. The Little Book is about counting, not about recognising numbers which makes it suitable for children from an early age and well before starting school. It covers a range of everyday counting activities, including 1:1 correspondence, guessing, estimating, and counting with music and movement. The well established Little Books format is followed, with activities presented on double page spreads, each thoughtfully and imaginatively illustrated in colour.

Clare Beswick

Trained as an early years teacher, Clare specialised in working with babies and very young children with special needs and their families. She was lead officer for early years and childcare in Nottinghamshire before taking a career break to care for her own young children. Clare has trained for Parentline Plus and acts as a consultant for Daycare Trust and early years organisations. She writes for many early years publications, including Early Years Educator and is co-author of the Little Baby Books series. She has also written several of the Baby & Beyond books as well as popular titles for the Little Book Club. Clare is currently a trustee of the Wirral Autistic Society.

Writes: Characteristics of Effective Learning, Little Books, Communication and Language, Baby and Beyond, Literacy, Outdoor Learning, Continuing Professional Development, Special Educational Needs and EAL , Mathematics, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Understanding the world

Author of : The Little Book of Parachute Play, Tell me a story, Going Out, Understanding Schemas in Young Children, Including Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Foundation Stage, The Little Book of Colour, Shape and Number, Getting to know you, Including Children with Asperger's Syndrome in the Foundation Stage, Tough Times, Including Children with Down's Syndrome in the Foundation Stage, Again! Again!, Counting, The Little Book of Counting, Who's This?, I Can't Do It, Losing It, Where Am I Going?, Heads-up Lookers and Communicators, Sitters, Standers and Explorers, Movers, Shakers and Players, Little Baby Books Set 1 (4 titles), Little Baby Books Set 2 (4 titles), Little Baby Books Set 3 (4 titles), Little Baby Books Set 4 (4 titles), Me & My World, Get the Message, Let's Explore, Me & You, Make Your Mark, I Can Do It, Let's Listen, Which One?, The Little Book of Language Fun, Tickle and Tumble, Look at Me, What's That?, Count With Me, The Little Book of Listening, The Little Book of Bricks and Boxes, Grab and Let Go, Touch It - Feel It, I Like You - You Like Me

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