The Little Book of Making Books & Cards

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The Little Book of Making Books & Cards
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About The Little Book of Making Books and Cards

Little books are packed with advice and ideas for everyone working with
children in the Early Years Foundation stage. Making books and cards is
a familiar activity in the early years, but the results often lack real
creativity and individuality. This book explores how young children
can make their own books, cards and letters, using familiar materials
in a creative and individual way, so the recipient or reader gets
something truly unique!


“'This 'Little Book' is related closely to the Early Years Foundation Stage and is full of practical ideas to help children explore the many purposes of writing.'” –  Early Years Educator (October 2010)

“'This series is a fantastic resource for Early Years teachers and for parents wanting some inspiration for use at home....really practical to use.'” – (May 2011)

Sally Featherstone

Sally Featherstone has a wealth of experience as a teacher, head teacher and a local authority adviser and inspector. In recent years, alongside her activities in publishing, Sally has continued to build a national reputation as a trainer and consultant in the Primary and Early Years field.

Writes: Education, 50 Fantastic..., Early Years, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Characteristics of Effective Learning, Little Books, Understanding the world, Literacy, Cross-curricular Teaching, Communication and Language, Behaviour Management, For Parents and Childminders, Philosophy and Thinking Skills, Primary, Continuing Professional Development, Assessment and Observation, For Trainee and Recently Qualified Practitioners, Leadership and Management, Outdoor Learning, Physical Development, Baby and Beyond, Practitioners' Guides, Expressive Arts and Design, Mathematics, Key Issues

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Illustrator of: The Little Book of Role Play

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