Universal 4

Construction Kits



Product Description

THE perfect starter kit with 40 models

With a total of 40 models, children ages 7 and up can get a look at the world of technology through play. 

With the building kit, builders can create vehicles with steering, bulldozers with crawler tracks, a construction crane, and much more. Some models, such as the transport helicopter with broadcasting tower or the construction site with truck, conveyor belt and barriers can even be built at the same time.

The different thematic and play worlds offer a wide range of building and playing fun for kids. Thanks to the large number of included components, their creativity will know no bounds. It is the perfect building kit for fischertechnik beginners. Numerous models can be equipped with Plus Sets. The comprehensive construction manual describes how to install motors, lights, etc.


Single Part list and model summary

Overview of the included fischertechnik parts in the construction set


Technological concepts

  • Functional steering
  • Crane rotates 360°
  • Liftable and lowerable crane and excavator arm
  • Cable winch with pulley block
  • Chain drive





HK$ 738.00