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Product Description

Pupils of all ages are keenly interested in how physical and mental stress affects their heart rate. 

Supplied with an ear/thumb sensor and Heart Rate Sensor Adaptor, students can learn how physical and mental stress affects their heart rate.

Note: Vu+ data logger required 



Measuring Heart Rates: 

The Heart Rate sensor sensing clip (pleth) holds an infrared LED that shines a light through either a finger or ear lobe onto a light sensitive detector. As the amount of light transmitted varies with the flow of blood, the sensor can record either blood flow (heart waveform), or heart rate (beats per minute).


Practical Investigations:

Use the Vu heart Rate Sensor to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Heart rate changes due to activity
  • Recovery rate
  • Pulse rate
  • Effect of food (chocolate) or mild stimulants (caffeine)
  • Remote logging set up from the computer
  • Effect of music on pulse rate

Works best if the test subject keeps the finger with the sensing clip absolutely still.


Downloads VU Heart Rate Sensor Manual Doc No.: DS127 | Issue: 2


HK$ 546.00