fischertechnik STEM 2 for SAM Labs 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場, 12 models

Model Pack matching SAM Labs


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This popular micro:bit kit is ideal for SAM Labs.   Take advantage of the wireless flexibility, teachers can now bring coding, making, engineering to much younger age group.   

Introduce students to the world of STEM based upon examples found in everyday automated and robotic devices.

12 models

This fischertechnik + SAM Labs also save busy teachers a lot of time in lesson preparation, thanks to the clear online step-guides:

  1. Windshield Wiper 擋風玻璃水撥  (SAM Space, Blockly)
  2. Press with Safety Switch 安全打壓機 (SAM Space, Blockly)
  3. Hand dryer 自動乾手機 (SAM Space, Blockly)
  4. Barrier 自動電閘 (Blockly)
  5. Pedestrian Light 紅綠燈 (Blockly)

Guides for the following models in the same set to be ready later.   Please make your own code and adaptation based on what has been learnt from the above models:

  1. Light House
  2. Merry Go-round
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Staircase Light
  6. Motor Test Bench



Models and parts list



SAM Labs blocks used in this pack

Order separately the SAM Labs blocks recommended:



 Or order the STEAM kit which includes everyone of the above blocks and more.

fischertechnik sensors, motors included in this pack can be used with micro:bit. and F5 shield.  See here    

This is a specially discounted package - delivered in a clear plastic bag.  


Each pack comes with the bonus fischertechik storage base (box 250 x 186




Coding with the wireless SAM Labs blocks can be done with:


SAM Space flow-based app



Google workbench online coding platform


You can also do cross-over project with SAM Labs and micro:bit using the workbench platform



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